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Milliband Stands Shoulder To Shoulder With Palestine


By our political team

Monday night saw The Labour Friends of Palestine host a reception attended by both Ed Milliband MP, leader of the Labour Party, and Douglas Alexander MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Mr Milliband stood shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinian activists on the stage.

The initial excitement of the leader’s impending arrival was boosted by an excellent speech by Mr Alexander.


After ‘a well worth it’ wait, Mr Milliband finally took the stage and really impressed the audience with his commitment to Middle East peace.


One of the earlier speakers explained that the peace process has become an industry in itself. After the 1967 war when Israel captured and occupied the Jordanian West Bank, Palestinian leaders called for full integration with Israel to create a one state solution. However some Israelis fear that the Palestinian population would one day become the majority threatening the Jewish state’s existence.


While the peace talks go on and on Israel continues to build across the West Bank making a two state solution harder to achieve. The Palestinian enclaves will eventually become like 19th century ‘Red Indian’ reservations  in the USA whose inhabitants were starved into submission and used as cheap labour.

Mr Milliband promised all sides his help in achieving a solution.


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