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Lord David Howell acted courageously says the-news.co


Lord David Howell yesterday promoted debate over Britain’s energy policy in a House of Lords speech only to be attacked over his forward thinking ideas.

Lord Howell, Energy Secretary in Lady T’s 1979 Conservative Government, has tirelessly campaigned for Britain to have secure, plentiful and cost effective energy supplies.

Lord David Howell
Lord David Howell

The NIMBYS who are trying to take Lord Howell remarks out of context would really be wailing if they were queuing up outside a petrol station for a meagre ration .This last happened during the 1978 winter of discontent when Callaghan’s Labour Government and their union pals really got it wrong and the TV was turned off at 10pm to save fuel.

Well, it was in the following spring of 1979 that Lord Howell, then MP for Guildford, sorted Labour’s mess out and as a result the people of Britain haven’t seen fuel rationing since.

So thank you Lord Howell.



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