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Hanover and Elm Grove Ward

In May 2011 the Green Party won an historic victory in the Brighton and Hove City Council elections.They became the largest group with 23 of the 54 councillors, with the Tories retaining 18, and the once all powerful Labour trailing with 13.

Hanover and Elm Grove ward is a Green Party stronghold with the Greens polling 2,800 votes last time against runners up Labour with 1,600.

Although the newcomer Green councillor who was elected in 2011 swore to serve for four years, in fact after only two  has decided he’s had enough and walked away from his party and community in the midst of a dustmen’s’ strike and Green Party disunity.

One can only hope the winner will stay to complete the term before the next scheduled elections in May 2015.

There are six candidates vying for the residents’ vote on election day Thursday 11 July.

Three are unknown no hoper’s, called ‘paper’ or ‘non-target’ candidates by the political parties, leaving the other three who are worth watching;





David Gibson                        Green Party

Keen on environmental issues and city car club.



Emma Daniel 72



   Emma Daniel                   Labour Party

A young mother who works in the charities sector.




Patricia Mountain 72


 Patricia Mountain                  United Kingdom Independence Party  (UKIP)

She has recently retired after running a cafe in Hove for 16 years where she lives. A grandmother, her grandchildren attend schools within the City. She is a former Labour Party activist.



The seven polling stations within the ward are open from 6am to 10pm.




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