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Brighton By Election- We Are Not Racist Says UKIP



VOTE TODAY  11 JULY Brighton & Hove City Council by election-Hanover and Elm Grove ward


Patricia Mountain 72UKIP candidate Patricia Mountain begins the last day’s campaigning before the election fully optimistic of achieving a ground breaking result.

Her campaign team told how they had managed to visit every home twice during the hectic campaign.

One said; “We encountered some hostility around Southover Street, a traditional Green stronghold, with a few individuals attempting to intimidate us, but equally we were encouraged to find a group of houses displaying our posters in their windows. So many have pledged their support.”

UKIP released the following statement;

“It is a complete MYTH that UKIP is against immigration, we are against uncontrolled immigration and the open door policy.UKIPs fight is about SPACE not RACE.

UKIP welcomes a multicultural society where everyone can play a part to make the UK a good place to live, but, we must be realistic, if we do not control immigration the country will burst at the seams.

Our housing, education, health and social services cannot cope with constantly rising numbers of people coming to live and work here from abroad.

We need a properly controlled system to admit manageable numbers of people who have something to offer our country.We must end benefit and health tourism and give priority to local people.Many immigrants are fine hard-working people who just want to do the best for their families, but we cannot continue to cope with more and more people needing jobs, housing, schools, hospitals and benefits.

Everyone in this world is looking for a better standard of living but sadly the UK cannot look after the world when it can hardly afford to look after it’s own citizens.”

Polling stations are open Thursday 11 July from 6 am to 10 pm.

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  1. You can count on our votes. My wife and I both think it is about time the litte man stood up for this country and showed some patiotism. MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN.

    • Bernard Akehurst Thankyou for your comment and your support. Both Pat Mountain, myself and our UKIP Campaign Team have enjoyed this election campaign and our time in this ward.
      It has been heart-warming to see the “I’m Voting UKIP” window posters and UKIP billboards displayed in parts of the ward, and we have enjoyed meeting many of the local residents.
      Linda Reid, Branch Secretary, UKIP Brighton & Hove.
      Email – lindareid0214@hotmail.co.uk
      Facebook.com/UKIP Brighton-Hove

  2. Excellent article.Hopefully people will read it and understand about the party a bit more
    I know how hard this campaign team has worked over the last few months.Good luck everyone .

  3. I had a conversation with a man today whilst collecting signatures to call for a by-election here in Telford to make sure Labour don’t co-opt another useless councillor to replace the one who recently resigned just 5 weeks after winning the last by-election, wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money. He was telling me how his children can’t find jobs or houses and lays the blame squarely at the door of immigration and how right he is. There aren’t enough houses and jobs to go around the people already living here (whatever their race, religion, etc.) – as you say, it’s about space not race. This gentleman went to great pains to assure me that he isn’t racist but just can’t see the sense in open door immigration when it is unsustainable. It’s a shame that people feel that they have to defend such a common sense opinion and are often frightened to speak about immigration for fear of being branded a racist or a bigot. The upshot was that he made his mind up today to vote UKIP and said his whole family probably would too because of UKIP’s sensible, non-racist immigration policy and the fact that unlike the old parties, we don’t have a whip so local councillors are able to do what their local community needs rather than what someone in London tells them to do.

    Best of luck in this election from all of us here at UKIP Telford & Wrekin!

  4. Thankyou and very interesting reading your own experience on the door-step in Telford, Councillor Stuart Parr (UKIP), and this reflects very much the same message we are putting out in Brighton & Hove and here in the Hanover & Elm Grove Ward by-election campaign.
    In this by-election it is very much former Labour Party supporters and voters who are telling us this too while we have been campaigning, and certainly confirms that UKIP’s appeal is not just to ex-Tory voters but more and more now to ex-Labour voters too, particularly in working class areas and wards with a previous Labour majority or large share of the vote at previous elections.
    Linda Reid, Branch Secretary, UKIP Brighton & Hove.

  5. The Common Sense party. Notice how the Tories & Labour are having to change their tune/policy to some degree closer to UKIP, thereby recognising how UKIP have got the right ideas on such key issues as controlled immigration linked to employment, and how it so fundamentally affects housing, education, health and social services. Controlling our borders is essential if we are ever going to make this nation a better place for its legal residents, and to one day stop adding the


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