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TUC Conference Brighton 2012



The Trades Union Congress annual conference started yesterday in Brighton.

Looking to the future-or clinging to the past?


A handful of demonstrators protested outside but it was difficult to hear against the hubbub of the traffic.

Modern protestors


The organisation was very efficient.

Today's workers


RMT union

Bob Crow General Secretary RMT union

At 7.30 pm the RMT union hosted a fringe meeting in the Old Ship Hotel. At first a guest speaker from Greece droned on in 1970’s style about the class struggle between capitalism and socialism which many thought had died out with Trotsky when Stalin murdered him in 1941. The room, initially packed with trade unionists, increasingly thinned out as the interpreter read out her lines.

However RMT general secretary Bob Crow kept the meeting alive with several brilliant table thumping oratories. Speaker after speaker from the floor followed the central theme that Britain should leave the EU now. The Greek speaker called for the abolition of the Debt which may be what’s worrying the German bankers over lending Greece anymore.

The message was clear, whether from the Tory right or Labour left, the EU has failed to live up to its promises and the electorate is entitled to a referendum on our continued involvement.



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