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Pride and the Politicians


On Saturday Ist September 2012 Brighton became alive with the Pride carnival and the political parties joined in.

West Street Brighton

Brighton and Hove City Council

Brighton and Hove City Council had no outright winner after the 2011 local elections leading to a minority administration run by the Green Party for the time being. Unlike national politics at Westminster where the Prime Minister can call a General Election at any time, the locals are stuck with one and another for a fixed term of four years until the next local elections in 2015, although councillors can resign their individual seats which leads to a by election.

Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems in their pale yellow shirts looked subdued. The Coalition has benefited their MPs in office, but caused deep unease amoung local party members, most of whom are  unpaid volunteer helpers.

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Many Conservatives feel the Lib Dems have held them back in implementing the much needed reforms the Chancellor, Rt Hon George Osborne MP, has tirelessly been introducing. One hopes it all ends happily.

Liberal Democrats turn out for Pride

The Green Party

The Greens had a local builder’s lorry decked out with balloons which enabled their leaders to ride. All the other parties’ contingents walked.One hopes it didn’t belch too many fumes over the poor souls behind.

Green Party float and spectator


Simon Kirby MP and Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP

In contrast the Conservatives fielded the largest contingent. They all had matching tee shirts and their front banner was carried  by Brighton Kemptown’s Simon Kirby MP, and special guest, Rt. Hon. Nick Herbert MP, Police Minister until he resigned on Tuesday.

Simon Kirby MP and Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP

The MPs were constantly talking and joking with bystanders. They were out to meet the people, and Nick, who represents neighbouring Sussex constituency of Arundel and South Downs, proved that a minister can get right in among the crowd and doesn’t need to be aloof sheltering behind others. Simon Kirby looked like he was enjoying himself. Listening and helping others is what he excels at.


As well as the MPs there were six Tory City councillors taking part. Tory group leader Geoffery Theobold OBE was in the forefront of their line up. His wife and fellow Patcham councillor Carol Theobald was taking part with another float.

Cllr Geoffrey Theobald OBE centre

Both Withdean Tory Councillors Ken Norman and  Ann Norman were there too.

Cllr Ken Norman, Katy Bourne, Cllr Ann Norman

Hove’s Westbourne ward Councillor Graham Cox took part also.

Councillor Graham Cox

Woodingdean’s  Dee Simson was the only Kemptown Tory councillor there, looking relaxed as she mixed with the diverse and vibrant community  she serves so well.

Cllr Dee Simson



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