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The Totalitarians



By William Mills


1970’s demonstrators

Sunday 22nd April saw the streets of Brighton erupt into disorder caused by 400 left wing demonstrators determined to disrupt a march by 140 members of ‘March for England’ in scenes reminiscent of 1970’s clashes between the extremes of right and left in British politics.

Communists, Russian revolution

The Communists first came to prominence during the Russian Revolution in 1917. A middle class coalition forced the abdication of the Tsar only to have Lenin’s communists shoot their way into power after realising that they were unlikely to gain more than 5% of the vote at the ballot box.


The fascists were born as a counter movement and became established in Italy and Germany in the interwar years of the 20th century.

Tories and Liberals

In Britain the Tory and Liberal parties didn’t give priority to the extremists because both fascists and communists claimed to represent the working class who in turn were unlikely to vote for the middle class parties.


Hitler’s German Nazi party called itself  the ‘National Socialist German Workers Party.’ It’s initial supporters were the uneducated, unemployed and homeless urban dwellers whom the communists were also trying to appeal to with the aim of creating a police state.

The Totalitarians seek a state where the Government and its police agencies control everything from the economy to what people are allowed to read.

Red Army

The Soviet Red Army invaded the Baltic States in 1940 in co-operation with their then ally, Adolf Hitler. It is has been reported that they liquidated the intelligencia who were identified by ownership of a book or other reading material.

Poland 1939

When the Russian and German forces agreed carve up newly conquered Poland in 1939 the Germans shot the captive Polish officers and let the ordinary ranks go. The Russians indulged in racial hatred and murdered both.

Tory centre right

In the 1970’s the political left sought to promote the view that the Tory centre right wing and the fascists were somehow ideologically linked. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Tory centre right has always believed  too much government should be regarded with healthy suspicion, and that the only way to lower taxes is to have less government and red tape.

Militant Tendency

The Communists  despaired of ever achieving public office through democratic election. So they metamorphosed into the ‘Militant Tendency’,  and infiltrated Labour  making it unelectable throughout the 1980’s until the Blair/Brown duo kicked them out, finally winning the 1997 General Election with a newly respectable Labour Party.

The Totalitarians used accusations of racism to attack one and another, in doing so an opportunity was lost for a generation to built a more harmonious society.

Community affairs

The various race relation committees, invariably funded by the taxpayer, were hijacked by the Totalitarians. Instead of them becoming a source of expertise in community affairs, the anti racist meetings were sadly used by one deranged speaker after another to harangue the bewildered and somewhat fearful audiences with cries of ‘Smash’ and ‘Destroy!’ Hardly the language to build a better future with.

In future all public funded race relation posts should be properly vetted with only members of the democratic parties being appointed, and any person with past links to the Totalitarian parties  excluded.

The left wing of the Totalitarians sought to sow discord believing a smashed economy and society torn by strife would result in revolution giving them the chance to seize power.

Their right wing counterparts were no better in fielding candidates in areas of high immigration and hoping to profit from the electorate’s uncertainties and fears.

Brighton has no large ethnic minority community

Brighton has no large ethnic minority community nor did any candidates from extremist parties stand in last year’s local elections, so what is the point of protesting there?

If marchers were planning on actually attacking immigrants in their homes then surely the Police would protect them and any counter protestors would simply be underfoot?


On a busy spring weekend Brighton has around 400,000 inhabitants and visitors. 400 protestors turning out onto the streets is 0.1% of the population. Presumably the other 99.9%  placed their belief in the Police and the democratic process.

What the Totalitarians, right and left alike, actually achieved was to upset and scare the overseas tourists and holiday makers convincing them Brighton wasn’t such a good choice of venue for a safe holiday.

It’s a town which having lost most of its manufacturing base is increasingly reliant on its tourist trade, and therefore the totalitarians should realise that unless their tournaments provide safe entertainment for all the family then they should stay away.

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