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China Is No Angel


By William Mills

Monday’s Stock Market falls have illustrated how much we have come to rely on China as an economic powerhouse which we hope will underpin our own prosperity.

However we need to take careful stock of whom we are placing our trust upon.

Firstly, China is a brutal communist dictatorship. Not that many years ago the West was doing everything it could to defeat communism and destroy their economies.

Senkaku/Diaoyu Disputed Islands
Senkaku/Diaoyu Disputed Islands

Then, for a few years we all loved £2 a  pair of jeans made in Chinese sweatshops where labourers were treated with appalling callousness.

The Chinese authorities have now tampered with the markets and burnt their fingers.

Tough. If their export driven economy collapses there will be more all the more orders for everyone else.

The Chinese have stated they want to built up a home economy so they do not have to rely on their exports so much.

One of their reasons might well be that since they are arming so rapidly with the eventual aim of challenging the USA and Japan for control of the Pacific, they already have their eye on future trade sanctions imposed by the West.

The Western Democracies should stop pandering to a totalitarian regime whose stated aim is world conquest and learn to do without their business.

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