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Ukraine Fighting In Mariupol



Details are emerging of an Ukrainian Government Anti Terrorist Operation carried out in the eastern city of Mariupol

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov writes;

In a planned operation to eliminate terrorists  led by criminals known  as Chechen. The area of operation in the centre of Mariupol is cordoned off. The operation involved units of the National Guard, Almaz “Azov” and “Dnepr-1″. Roadblocks around the City have been provided the armed forces. 

The operation started at 4.50 am. It has run according to plan. All is successful. All the key strongholds of the terrorists at this time have been brought under control. Our forces have hit BRDM, and destroyed the terrorists’ sniper base. The losses have been borne by the terrorists. From our side there is no loss- except two of our fighters were wounded.
The operation continues. 

Too bad, that the noise of gunfire today woke  Mariupol- the city’s steel makers must be able to live and work.They should not have their lives dictated to them by the bandits!

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