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Ukraine Crumbles Towards Civil War



 With renewed outbreaks of fighting following the weekend presidential elections information coming from Ukraine is patchy however a statement from the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said;

Talk about important priorities. In all spheres of life today. Important, but also incredibly difficult. 

The hardest three months of revolutionary upheaval in Ukraine, culminating in the tragic death of people and the collapse of the former regime – without stopping the aggression escalated by Russia in the Crimea and random destabilization throughout the southeast of the country.

It’s serious – not fake. Do not sit in the shade, do not hide . Moreover people thirst for IMMEDIATE justice and order – which is becoming incredibly difficult. For this to happen it is necessary to have a hefty amount of strength, confidence and courage. 

Financial, economic, law enforcement, social – it is necessary for there to be change. It can be neither popular nor easy – but it is the reality. This is the price we have to pay for  the deposed regime in Ukraine

 Yet – about priorities. They may not be much. stable political system in the country, leading to a better economy, security and quality of life.  And then people will feel  happy in a free country. So, keep your powder dry.

Captured weapons
Captured weapons





On 21 May he released the following image of  an arsenal of weapons seized from “peaceful” protesters. Including Strela 2M in service with only the Russian armed forces. 







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