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Ousted Ukraine President Says He’s Alive


Viktor Yanukovych Viktor Yanukovych, Pro Russian ousted president of Ukraine told Russian media sources he is still alive.

Yanukovych also demanded that the authorities in Ukraine’s capital Kiev withdraw their forces from separatist regions of Donetsk, Lugansk and Odessa, and stop bloodshed amongst its own people.

 “The whole world saw how many people came to a referendum, ‘and you can try to ignore the results but neither you nor Europe, nor any other country can no longer recognize – that there are no terrorists, and you are fighting a war against its own people “, – said Yanukovych.

However this was countered by Chairman of Ukraine’s National Security Council Andrei Parubiy  speaking about the fire in Odessa on May 2 when 48 people were killed.

 “There is no doubt it was extremist groups, terrorist groups, including citizens of Russia.”  Russian propaganda called it “genocide” and “fascism,” but we know that the incident was started by pro-Russian activists…”-said Parubiy.



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