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FCO Minister Confirms Yacht Search To Restart


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Hugh Robertson MP, Minister for North America, met the families of James Male, Andrew Bridge, Steve Warren and Paul Goslin, who went missing on Friday 16 in the Atlantic Ocean.

Speaking after the meeting Mr Robertson said:

I have just met the families of the missing yachtsmen in the Atlantic. The UK Government has been in constant contact with our US colleagues and I was able to give them the good news that the US Coastguard have agreed to restart the search and to deploy aircraft to the search area.

I’d like to thank the US Coastguard for what they have done thus far, and to assure everybody that the UK Government will do everything possible to try and locate these missing yachtsmen.

Cheeki Rafiki

Speculation has mounted as to whether the crew could have survived if their Beneteau First 40.7 yacht has actually sunk. Swimming in the sea at temperatures of 15 C, the changes of surviving for more than a few hours is bleak. However if they are in a liferaft or with an upturned but still afloat hull then their outlook is much better.

They are fit, experienced sailors who had been onboard long enough to be acclimatised to their surroundings. No radio signals have been received. But this doesn’t mean the liferaft isn’t working. Batteries go flat. Especially if they have been left for long periods or are under water.

Never give up looking.

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