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Sea Life Brighton Half Term Halloween 2018




image of a shark swimming silently in the Sealife Centre aquarium
A shark swims silently in the Sealife Centre aquarium

WHAT: Immersive in-tank trail, celebrating the creepy creatures of the deep – help the Sea Witch find the magic potion ingredients and claim your treasure


WHEN: 20 October – 4 November

PRICE: From £9.95

Sea Life Brighton Half Term Halloween 2018

Take a step into the creepy deep at SEA LIFE Brighton this Halloween and navigate the Ascarium; an immersive trail which takes you past some of the scariest sea creatures.

For a limited time only, five potion ingredients will be hidden in various tanks throughout the Ascarium, and guests will need to find them before making their way to the Sea Witch’s lair.

Along the way, guests will discover facts about some of the freakiest creatures of the sea, including blob fish, African tiger fish, goblin sharks and barrel eye fish.

Once all of the items have been located, the Sea Witch will cast her magic spell and open the treasure chest, giving those who successfully navigate the trail a reusable Ascarium cup.

And that’s not all, SEA LIFE Brighton will play host to a ‘selfie’ photo frame and ‘twister’ style game for guests to further immerse themselves in the spooky family fun.

SEA LIFE Brighton is also running a competition to give one lucky family a trip to Alton Towers – please speak to a member of staff at the centre for more information.

Visit SEA LIFE Brighton to take part in the Ascarium adventure. Running from 20 October – 4 November, this spooktacular experience is perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Entry starts from £9.95.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets via www.visitsealife.com unless you’re scared, that is.

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