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Cop Sacked In Love Tryst


Sussex Police intelligence unit officer nabbed in sex for secrets swap

On Thursday 24 February 2016 a disciplinary hearing at Sussex Police Headquarters sacked without notice PC Forrest Knight after hearing how he betrayed the public’s trust.

The tribunal was headed by Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith and Detective Superintendent Alan Hibbett.

ACC Smith said;

Justice must be seen to be done and this hearing must be scrupulously fair, open and transparent.

The tribunal heard how PC Knight had abused his position to access Police records to check on his estranged wife and her new lover who Knight believed had a criminal record.

Sussex Police intelligence officer

PC Knight was later introduced by his wife to another women, mysteriously named ‘Miss. B’ by the tribunal.

PC Knight claimed he’d had sex with ‘Miss B’ but denied supplying information in his possession to her.

The tribunal dismissed PC Knight without notice for gross misconduct.

PC Knight, 48, had joined the Police in 2004 and had served for nine years without blemish until he joined the intelligence unit two years ago.

Within a week his problems started and he asked the Mental health Team for support during the break up of his marriage.

PC Knight said he was still taking medication and when pressed by Superintendent Hibbett replied;

I don’t recall doing that. I was not thinking clearly. I don’t know sir.

The tribunal further heard he had used surveillance software for mobiles and computers to bug his ex wife.

His supervisors, aware of his actions issued his with warning notices in 2013 and 2014.

image of Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith
Assistant Chief Constable Robin Smith


My ex wife was going to get me done over

PC Knight said; 

I was at a vulnerable stage. I didn’t get any support. My ex wife was going to get me done over.

ACC Smith replied;

I’m struggling to believe you.


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