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Our new columnist Steve writes about Brighton & Hove City Council and local issues which affect you. 

This new occasional (perhaps even regular) column will inform, educate and, hopefully, agitate around those issues affecting the lives of people in Brighton and Hove.

If you do not like what is said then say so, if you have a view on the issues written about, say so – if you want to know more about a burning concern, say so!
It is Monday 30th November, most people are thinking of Xmas although quite a few of us are worried about how we will cope with the commercialism and expectations of our and our friend’s, children. Life is a struggle and many of us are questioning why?

Cllr Warren Morgan

In the next 5 days Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) will decide if the poorest and most vulnerable people in our city will pay a massive increase in Council Tax as opposed to the majority of citizens who will pay less than a 2% increase.

The city council can do this because national government says so but Warren Morgan (Leader of the Council) could treat everybody equally or even expect the wealthier to pay a little more. For this decision see the BHCC Policy and Resources Committee 3rd December.

image of Cllr Warren Morgan
Cllr Warren Morgan

It has also been announced that councils can add another 2% on council tax purely for social care – I say to Warren Morgan; do it!

We need to look after those in society who are unable to look after themselves. The government allows councils to raise council tax by up to 2% (extra) in their areas if they are facing a social care funding crisis.
We have just learnt that the total Police recorded crimes in Brighton and Hove is declining – fantastic news but we need to examine the detail (see next week’s column.)
The cuts to the police budget have been withdrawn. Does this mean Community Policing will be maintained?
Finally, at the end of the first “Say So” column could I draw your attention to the fact that our council could increase council tax by however much they wish if they were willing to explain how the dosh could be used effectively rather than spend it on paying off Chief Executives more interested in personal wealth than public service.

Steve “Your Say So correspondent for Brighton & Hove”

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  1. I am a leaseholder who is is facing  extortionate  fees imposed by Brighton council  for enforced cladding  and new windows  on out property -which we were not properly consulted about and ultimately  have no way of paying.As a result I am suffering  stress,anxiety  and depression and am now on long term medication which (combined with the stress of what we have been put through by the council) is seriously affecting my work.The council  have admitted verbally that they allowed our blocks  to get into disrepair but didn’t  have the money to do anything about them. Now we are being forced to pay their bills.I will not be paying and will fight  for my home  that  I have paid for  over the last 20 years


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