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Councillor Receives Award At Secret Ceremony


By William Mills

At last week’s Brighton Police’s Division Award ceremony City Councillor Robert Nemeth received an award from Police & Crime Commissioner, fellow Tory, Katy Bourne. 

image of Cllr Robert Nemeth Wish ward BHCC
Cllr Robert Nemeth Wish ward BHCC

Although the media were inexplicitly excluded from the awards’ ceremony, Nemeth was spotted at the event.


The Police have subsequently confirmed that the £11,000 a year Wish ward councillor was among the recipients by saying;

Nemeth is commended for his courage and for the integral role he played in the apprehension of two males who had stolen a £500 necklace from a local jewellers.
Nemeth saw the two males making off and without thought for his own safety, he gave chase for 25 minutes before helping to capture the pair some distance away.
The thieves had the stolen property in their possession along with a crowbar.

Police and Crime Commissioner

Katy Bourne was elected as the Conservative Party candidate for the new role as £85,000 a year Police & Crime Commissioner for Sussex in 2012. Her four year term runs until 2016.
Last week she was reselected as the Tory candidate for re-election next year at yet another behind closed doors meeting.


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