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Police Refute Claim That Brighton Students Most At Risk



Brighton is the most dangerous place in the UK to be at University says a new survey out today.

Of the 64 sites included in the survey Egham in Surrey was the safest with 56 crimes per thousand residents. Swansea was second highest location to be a victim of crime with 633, but this number is totally outstripped by Brighton with a whopping 829 crimes per thousand of residents recorded.

The full survey can be seen on;


Sussex Police have released following statement:

The statistics issued by StuRents is a misrepresentation of crime in  student areas in Brighton.

The statistics used by the students accommodation site related to the city centre of Brighton where a low number of people live, including students, but where the number of crime reports are concentrated.

However their statistics did not cover the campus at the University  of Sussex in Falmer, or the areas of student accommodation including  Moulsecoomb, Bevendean and the areas along Lewes Road. Students also live across the whole city

Inspector Simon Morgan said:
“These figures are extremely misleading as the students in this city centre area are only a fraction of those within the city. In reality figures show that crimes per thousand residents in Brighton between February 2014 and January 2015 are 80, where as Cambridge which is 86 and Oxford is 87.7. The city centre has around 11,500 residents and around 9,000 crimes recorded each year as it covers all the main attractions, shops and nightlife in the city.
We have superb working relations with both universities in Brighton and have a dedicated liaison officer for the community. Over the last two years we have experienced incident-free ‘fresher events’ in the city and have driven down occurences of mobile phone thefts in licensed venues. We have received excellent feedback from the students at Sussex University for highlighting the dangers of new psychoactive drugs and continue to strive to make sure the night time economy is a safe and enjoyable place for students to enjoy. This has been partly achieved by the use of Safe Space, Safe Havens and the taxi marshalls.”


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