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South East schools get ready for Red Nose Day 2015



Red Nose Day is back and once again pupils and teachers from all over the South East will be getting involved in the fun. Thousands of schools across the region took part in the last Red Nose Day and Comic Relief is expecting even more to get on board this year.

Last Red Nose Day, Rose Hill Primary School in Tunbridge Wells raised more than £2,000 by hosting a range of Red Nose themed activities, helping to fund projects right here in Kent and across the UK.

This year, the dedicated pupils and teachers at Rose Hill Primary hope they can raise even more by going bigger and better in their fundraising efforts. The school shall be hosting a carnival style event where teachers will perform in a band, the school chef shall be making Red Nose themed meals, and groups will have two minutes to make the school laugh.

A week or two before the event the pupils will also take home a “laugh box” in an attempt to make their families chuckle at home. Every time someone laughs, they will put some change in the box.

On top of that, Rose Hill’s Head Master, David Westcombe, will be dying his hair red. He said;

We love taking part in Red Nose Day and getting our pupils, teachers and even parents involved in the fun. It’s a great way to bring everyone together and we always come up with something different to raise as much money as we can. Everyone really gets involved!”

This year, Comic Relief is challenging schools in the South East to make their faces funny for money. From sporting face paints and silly wigs, to giving kids a lesson in face yoga or transforming into mini versions of famous comedians, there are loads of ways for schools to get involved.

Comic Relief uses the cash raised through Red Nose Day to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa. For Red Nose Day 2015, UK schools have a special mission to raise enough money to help get 300,000 children across Africa into education and learning. For more ways to get involved, visit rednoseday.com/schools.

Teachers can get started by signing up for a free School Fundraising Resource Pack bursting with fundraising ideas, posters, balloons, stickers, as well as learning resources to help pupils understand where the money goes – just head to rednoseday.com/schoolspack.

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