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Police Bravery Awards 2015


Great Hall Brighton College

By William Mills

Police Awards

Brighton and Hove Division of Sussex Police held their latest ceremony at Brighton College on 9 February 2015.

A number of brave officers were recognised in front of their families, friends and colleagues for outstanding work looking after the people of Sussex. A raft of senior officers attended to pay tribute including Assistant chief Constable Robin Smith, Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp, Superintendent Jayne Dando and Councillor Denise Cobb the deputy Mayor.

Below is but a small selection of those who took part and I’m sure the community of Brighton and Hove congratulates the whole Police team who look after us so well.

The Chief Constables Commendation went to a pair of dedicated officers who were called to an incident at Castle Square Brighton to find a man had been stabbed. They saved his life by staunching his bleeding for a whole 90 minutes whilst waiting for help to arrive.

PC Alec Barratt, ACC Robin Smith, PC Alison Deller,
PC Alec Barratt, ACC Robin Smith, PC Alison Deller,


Divisional Award for being an Outstanding Investigator was won by a trio of detectives who solved a complex sex offender case.

The victim said;

The feeling of dread I woke up with every morning has gone. This is down to your fantastic team of officers.

DC Gemma Holley, ACC Robin Smith, DS Julie Greenwood, DC Andrew Beaumont,
DC Gemma Holley, ACC Robin Smith, DS Julie Greenwood, DC Andrew Beaumont,


Divisional Commendation for being an Outstanding Investigator was presented to Detective Sergeant Kate Witt and DC Emily Hoare for solving lots of burglaries last year.

DC Emily Hoare
DC Emily Hoare and ACC Robin Smith

Divisional Commendation for being an Outstanding Volunteer was awarded to Special Constable Lara Stockham. Specials work for the Police and the community free of charge. Lara works on average 65 hours a month for the Police on top of her ordinary day job.

Special Constable Lara Stockham
Special Constable Lara Stockham

Everyone present had the highest praise for our brave Police force and afterwards we were free to mingle and enjoy an excellent selection of teacakes.

Police Awards


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