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Indian Jailed For Rape



A Portslade man has been jailed for raping a woman who he took back to his flat.

Indian rapist Narendren Pirabakaran
Indian rapist Narendren Pirabakaran

Following a trial at Lewes Crown Court, Narendren Pirabakaran, 35, of Station Road, was sentenced on 6 February to five-and-a-half years for rape.

The court heard that he met a 22-year-old woman in a club in Brighton on 28 March 2013. She had been drinking with friends and then became separated from them. Pirabakaran took her back to his flat in Station Road, Portslade, where she awoke the next day with no memory of leaving the club.
She suspected that she had been a victim of serious sexual assault.  She was able to show officers the flat where she had awoken and Pirabakaran who was the tenant was arrested a few days later.

Ski Lanka

When he has served his sentence, the judge ordered that Pirabakaran who is from Sri Lanka, be deported.
DC Aran Boyt said:
Pirabakaran took advantage of a woman who was under the influence of drink. She reported the offence to police as soon as she suspected she had been raped and officers were able to secure evidence and to support her.
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