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Hove firm Bloom blossoms helping firms be environmentally friendly




An affordable way for companies to ensure their new products are environmentally friendly has been launched by Hove-based company Bloom.


The visionary firm – which advises on and analyses business carbon footprints – has launched an ecological design, production, packaging and branding advice service to help businesses become greener.

Co-founder Stuart Davies said: “We are focusing the company’s efforts into Bloom Eco-Design and Performance, which takes into account four main areas: Production, Packaging, Branding and Reporting.

“By being involved from the conception of a product and through its design, production and branding, we can ensure companies achieve eco-credibility on a  reasonable budget.”

Co-founder James Dorrell said Bloom’s approach offered a viable alternative to accreditation to international standards offered by some carbon-accounting companies at a cost of up to £20,000.

He said: “Most firms simply cannot afford that. We offer a far less expensive way of holding up a mirror to a company, helping it to reduce its carbon usage in design, packaging and branding its goods.

“We give a company’s products a stamp of approval in our pragmatic and affordable solution to the challenges of carbon accounting.”

Bloom Eco-Design & Performance Management will continue to offer a software package that calculates, in real time, a company’s carbon footprint through analysis of the expenses claims by its staff.

Stuart added: “It is a much less expensive solution than traditional carbon audits. Our message is: ‘Sustainable business is good business’. All companies should have the chance to work in an environmentally friendly fashion.”

Bloom also prides itself on its involvement in the community and is the driving force behind Zero Waste Brighton, an initiative aimed at eliminating the visual waste on the streets and tackling waste at source.

Learn more about Bloom at http://www.ecodesignbloom.com or contact Ollie Wilson, MatchFit Media, at Ollie.Wilson@matchfitmedia.co.uk

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