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Hero Kiya Ingham Wins Police Praise


The heroic actions of a Brighton teenager leads to man’s conviction

After a man acted violently towards two female PCs, teenager Kiya Ingham stepped in and restrained him.

On the afternoon of June 10, on Lewes Road, Brighton, two female PCs Lynsey Burkinshaw and Johanna Clarke had restrained Bradley Jay Hughes, who was drunk, in the car after an allegation of a domestic related incident and arrested him shortly after. Hughes was initially upset but calm. Having been placed in the police car, he suddenly became violent. He kicked out at the officers, pushing them over as he got out of the and began running away. Kiya, 16, who was walking past dropped his bag and immediately chased Hughes and tackled him to the ground. PCs Burkinshaw and Clarke then struggled to restrain the man with Kiya assisting.

CS Nev Kemp,Teenager Kiya, Sussex PCC Katy Bourne, ACC Steve Barry
CS Nev Kemp,Teenager Kiya, Sussex PCC Katy Bourne, ACC Steve Barry

Kiya was threatened and abused by the man but was incredibly brave and continued to assist the officers, allowing them to regain control of the man. Once the officers had regained control and restrained the man, Kiya stood out in the road and directed policing officers arriving to back up the officers. The road on which the incident occurred was very busy and a number of other people passed by and didn’t offer support to the officers.

Both police officers thanked Kiya for helping them and recommended he receive an award at the Brighton and Hove Divisional ceremony for his courage. The incident was captured on CCTV, available to view herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of5bjd3GxRg&feature=youtu.be

Hughes, 31, of Pelham Place, Seaford has since been convicted after pleading guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer and received 100 hours community service.

CS Nev Kemp and Kiya Ingham
CS Nev Kemp and Kiya Ingham

C/Supt Nev Kemp, Brighton and Hove Divisional Commander, said:

Kiya acted heroically and I commend his bravery. I was delighted to recognise his actions with an award in our Brighton and Hove Divisional awards ceremony, attended by Katy Bourne the Police and Crime Commissioner earlier this year. Kiya received a huge cheer and round of applause from everybody at the event when the footage was shown.

“The incident shows how difficult and sometimes dangerous policing can be, so we were very grateful and moved that without hesitation he stepped into help the police in such a situation. I also want to pay tribute to the way in which the two officers quickly regained control of the situation, despite the violence that was directed towards them. I and my team here thank him for his courage and selfless public service which helped us bring an offender to justice.”

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