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Michaela Anderson Visits Middle Farm


Middle Farm is a popular destination for an ‘all the family’ day out.

Situated on the A27 east of Lewes towards Eastbourne it is on the left hand side of the main road. Ample parking led to a farm shop. It also hosted another shop selling lots of different varieties of cider where it was  possible to have a taste before buying.

Separate from the shops was the farm itself. For an entrance fee visitors were able to walk around viewing the animals in the fields and farm buildings. There was also a selection of swings and slides for the very young.

Middle Farm, Michaela Anderson

We went with local beauty pageant winner Michaela Anderson. She grew up with horses so instinctively rubbed the horse’s neck when we wanted a photograph!

It was a pleasant afternoon out from Brighton making a nice change of scenery and pace of life.

farm shop with rows of bottles
Cider to choose from…


man and woman
Michaela Anderson and William Mills


photo of girl with horse
Michaela and horse in stable


photo of two rabbits


girl and lama
Michaela and Lama


photo of girl and horse
Michaela loves horses


photo of girl
Michaela Anderson Miss Brighton 2012


photo of lamb


girl feeds lamb with bottle
Lots to do…..


girl in shop
Michaela shopping….


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