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Working Together We Will Tackle Drinking Problems Says MP

Simon Kirby MP

As Brighton fears the drinking culture is getting out of control, MP Simon Kirby reassures local residents.

Christmas is coming with its usual round of parties as the champagne corks pop. But has the 24 hour drinking culture gone too far?

The-news.co interviewed Kemptown’s highly regarded MP Simon Kirby, and asked the following question;

“Given reports of increasing lawlessness in St James’s Street do you think the night-time economy has had its day and all alcohol sales should stop at midnight on weekdays with an extra hour at weekends?”

Mr Kirby replied;

The night time economy is an important part of the commercial life of Brighton. It needs to be carefully managed so that everyone who wishes to enjoy what the city has to offer can do so safely.

St James’s Street is dealing with some issues at present but many agencies and voluntary organisations are aware and meetings are being held to determine how best to proceed.

We need to remember that Brighton is a generally peaceful place and we should not draw the wrong conclusions from what appear to be isolated attacks. We need to deal with the perpetrators of crime, not close down the night time economy.

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