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Mayor Supports City Volunteers


By William Mills


An Elm tree waiting to be planted-Montpelier Place


Brighton and Hove City’s Mayor Councillor Bill Randall helped local conservationists by planting a tree in Montpelier Place at the boundary between the two towns.

As leader of the Green Party’s councillors he became their first leader of the City Council when they won last year’s election from the defeated Tories.

Many hoped the Greens would bring something new to the City’s politics and Cllr Randall was greeted with much goodwill. After just one year at the top he stepped aside from the group leadership for a younger person to take up the reins which is in dismal contrast with the other parties.

Baptist Church- Montpelier Place


Bill Randall remains a councillor for Hanover ward and in May 2012 he became Mayor of the city, a non political ceremonial post which is held for one year only.


Mr Amerena and Mayor Randall


A group of conservationists supported by the Hove Civic Society and organised by Roger Amerena, the well known philanthropist and property expert, have funded the planting of new trees along Montpelier Place in Brighton before it becomes Lansdowne Road in Hove.

On a chilly Monday afternoon the Mayor met with the volunteers to plant an elm tree paid for by the societies and provided by Neil Brothers of the City Council’s Arboriculture department.

Roger Amerena with Neil Brothers(right)


The Hove Civic Society, set up in 1960 and currently chaired by Mr H Lusser, is restoring the Victorian tree heritage. So far twelve trees have been planted with more planned for Poets Corner  next year. Local residents are encouraged to take an interest in both keeping an eye on the saplings and also watering them during dry spells.

H Lusser, R Amerena, Mayor Randall


After the planting Mr Amerena invited everyone back to his gorgeous house, Montpelier Hall for a generous helping of mince pies and tea and the Mayor kindly gave the-news.co an exclusive interview.

Mayor Bill Randall said; “I’ve very much enjoying being mayor. I’ve still five months left to go. It’s not about meeting the rich and successful but instead those who work and contribute to their communities and neighbourhoods.”

He added; “The most memorable events so far were the Olympic and Jubilee festivities. The Olympic torch was carried through the City with 80,000 people lining the streets. It was a pleasure meeting Steve Ovett, a lovely, modest man.”

He also explained the mayor has between 700-750 events a year. He had attended nine carol services with a further three to go.

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