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Surge in London’s violent crime is a result of the State’s failure to regulate the drug trade



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Since the start of 2018 the surge in London’s violent crime has hit the headlines, but far less has been written about the solutions available.

Both politicians and journalists are frightened from discussing the root causes for fear of being seen to blame immigrants for the current crime sweeping our cities.

But it desperately needs to be established why those from immigrant communities form a disproportionately large number of London’s violent crime statistics.

Immigrants have largely taken up the available low skilled, cash paying jobs traditionally filled by gap year students, and there are only so many to go around.

Higher paid jobs almost always require a good command of what is increasingly called ‘business English’, and without which it is difficult to prosper.

Indeed most immigrants who have succeeded, and there are many, have integrated into English society by gaining a native partner and joining in his or her family life with all the support this brings.

However for those who fail to learn English their career paths are limited and they find themselves in the same situation as earlier immigrants.

In earlier centuries Jews were forbidden to join trade guilds and therefore fell back on money lending which society portrayed as somehow dirty and disreputable.

London has experienced a huge increase in drug related gang violence since the Labour Government opened the immigration flood gates in 1997.

The drugs trade is one of a few lucrative openings which don’t need knowledge of fluent English, as would be the case if running a legitimate company.

As the State has failed to regulate the drugs trade London is now experiencing immigrant turf wars which is inevitable after such large scale population movements in so short a space of time.

image of A cannabis plant (image supplied by photo agency)
A cannabis plant (image supplied by photo agency)

 But instead of legitimate trading activities such as advertising special offers, drug dealers inhabit their own special world where trading disputes, instead of being argued out in the County Court, are fought out on the streets with knives and guns.

As rival gangs tool up to carve out their share of London’s lucrative drugs market the violence is only going to get worse until the State realises its only option is to regulate the drugs trade by legalisation and put the drug dealers out of business for good.

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