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Slam The Border Shut!


Calls for Army to move UK 4th Armoured Division from its base in Wiltshire to Catterick, the base closest to the border intensified as reports flood in of bullying by Scottish Nationalists. Plans are afoot to strengthen Hadrian’s Wall in the event of a Yes vote in tomorrow’s Scottish referendum.

Ed Milliband was reported to have been jostled during a walkabout in Edinburgh by disgruntled voters.

photo of Ed Milliband MP
Ed Milliband MP Leader of the Labour Party

Even ex US President Bill Clinton has weighed in calling for the UK not to break up. Danny Alexander is predicting dire financial turmoil if the Scottish nationalists win the Yes Referendum vote.

The reality of Scottish independence? The civil service will water it down and see it as a wonderful opportunity to double its numbers by having two governments run by the same office.

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