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Pensioner Tricked In PPI Scam


A St Leonards-on-Sea pensioner was tricked out of £12,000 by a fake Personal Payment Insurance (PPI) compensation company between July and September.

The bogus firm contacted the man, promising large sums of money as he may have been mis-sold PPI on a loan taken out many years before.

The company promised a compensation cheque of £8,000 , but said it would need its fees paid upfront before the compensation money could be released.

It was only when the man had made several payments through a bank that he began to doubt the company’s legitimacy.

In total he gave the fake company around £12,000 and got nothing but empty promises in return.

DS Tony Webb, of Hastings CID, said:

“Although the name of the fake company isn’t known there is a lesson here.Always be suspicious of people or situations that offer a large financial benefit for an initial investment fee. If you believe that you are entitled to PPI compensation, seek professional advice and do your own research first.”

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