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Eczema Cured!


Eczema Cured !

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October 2020

Earlier this year I wrote that after several miserable years of life destroying eczema on my hands and feet, I had discovered the underlying causes and how to treat them.

I’m delighted to say my hands are completely cured, and even harsh use DIY projects such as mixing up sand and cement in a bucket are once again possible.

To keep my hands in tip top condition I must observe a few basic rules such as allways wearing gloves when necessary.

Thick rubber or gardening gloves are a must for heavy outdoor activities, and indoors gloves are a must for washing up or cleaning, as any contact with detergents must be prevented.

Always use a skin cleanser for body and hair wash, my favourite is Dermol 500.

The cure for eczema is sunlight. Upon discovering this I stood on Brighton’s seafront soaking up January’s watery sunshine with five minutes on either side of my hands.

On a particularly fine day I walked down to the water’s edge and took my shoes and socks off so my feet could enjoy a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine. Within three months all traces of eczema had gone.

I take a daily dose of vitamin D in the form of a berry flavoured effervescent tablet, as this is what our bodies convert sunlight into.

In August 2019 my eczema was so bad it felt like my skin was falling off me. The steriod creams I was using thinned my skin and the eczema dried it so it cracked and became infected as well as immensely painful.

A year later my fingertip pads have regained their elasticity and strength. I can use them again making me feel great.

I recently had a flare up on my face maybe caused by the winter, central heating or a host of other things. Normally I try to clear it up with just moisturiser cream but this time it was particularly bad.

So I fell back on a tiny amount of Hydrocortisone 1% cream and sure enough it cured me with in 24 hours.

But this time I thoroughly washed my hands immediately afterwards. Really, I should have used a plastic bag to protect my finger as it is important to protect my hands from  steroid creams and ointments.

Going forward I aim to sunbathe my hands and feet for 10 to 15 minutes every time the winter sun breaks through, take vitamin D daily, and use sparingly use moisturiser with a small top of Hydrocortisone 1% in reserve.

Eczema is treatable and can be cured.

Eczema cured!

Curing Eczema – part 1 



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