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Greenfingers 30-Winter



It’s winter and our houseplants need their dormant period and by following the tips below will help keep them safe during their rest.

Reducing watering so that the soil is only lightly moist and grouping them together helps keep the humidity up. Remember to mist them on a regular basis-daily if necessary.

Plant leaves collect dust. Heat a bowl of bottled water in the microwave until it’s hand warm. Then gently wipe the leaves with cotton wool.

This removes dirt and moisturises the plant leaving it looking much happier. It also helps it breath.


Air is important to plants. Opening windows briefly during cold snaps allows the air to circulate and freshens up the room.

However if left open and forgotten a sudden drop in temperature is enough to finish a sleeping plant. Draughts really kill!

There are differing views on fertilising over winter. Some recommend stopping altogether as the plant isn’t growing. However an alternative view is the plant has become used to feeding with every watering and by reducing this the feed is also reduced.

The plant won’t start growing prematurely with fertiliser alone.

What causes a plant to start shooting is the increasing daylight hours once spring has arrived. A one off bright sunny December day won’t start it growing.

Where to place our plant during winter always requires some thought and it’s important not to shock it with too many changes.

If it has grown happily during the summer in one spot then it’s best to leave it be.

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