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Greenfingers 21- Springtime!


By William Mills



photo of spider plant
Spider Plant

It’s amazing how quickly the days lengthen once Christmas is past and by March spring is finally just around the corner.

Plants need light to grow. It cannot be stressed too much how important it is to keep windows clean. It makes such a difference to the quality and intensity of the light reaching our plants. The longer days and brighter skies both encourage the first shoots to magically appear. It is truly wondrous and lifting for one’s spirits as the final proof that the new summer season of warm days and sunlight dancing off the sparkling sea is unfolding before our eyes.

Yet March can still be a wrap up warm time with chill nights and blustery days with summer’s first rays still a way off yet.

Indoor gardeners can use this time to repot their houseplants. It is important to do this before the first shoots appear. Shake the plant out of the old pot and don’t be frightened to trim back any roots with a sharp knife or kitchen scissors, particularly if they are mushy or smell mouldy. If they don’t look good leave the plant out of its pot until they have dried out then cut away any rotten parts. Always use the best new potting compost for fresh soil. Buying from a garden centre is usually best.

Some plants thrive if only moved up one pot size. Others like to be in as large a pot as possible so read up on your plant first.

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