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BANFF Mountain Film Festival Tour In Brighton This Weekend


by Andrew M. Collins

SATURDAY 11th APRIL 2015 – Concert Hall, Brighton Dome

As well as being a cool font name, BANFF is also a 40 year old Mountain film festival which features “accomplished outdoor heroes to celebrate adventure, the environment, mountain culture and the outdoors through film”. It is one of the largest and most prestigious mountain festivals in the world. Brighton Dome will host them this Saturday as part of their UK and Ireland leg of their world tour.

It takes its name from the town of Banff, Canada where the main film festival has been held since 1975 – the “mothership” festival which precludes the world tour and features the best of the short films. It will take in 300 communities and 40 countries – though this is only the sixth time the films have come to Britain and the third time in Ireland.

There will be two film screening sessions this Saturday – the first starts at 2.30pm (Red Programme) and the second at 7.30pm (Blue Programme). The films are described as “inspirational tales from across the globe, high adrenaline action films and everything in between”. Please note some of the films in the Blue Film Programme do contain adult themes such as coarse language, danger and drug use, so they won’t all be suitable for children.
Tickets and listings are available from:


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