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Health-minded Asian fusion eaterie to open in Brighton



Fans of health-conscious food are in for a treat at new Brighton eaterie sunoso, which opens on 20 November.

The Asian fusion takeout or eat-in restaurant will offer a tantalising selection of fresh and healthy Donburi and sushi dishes, wholesome Miso soup and long-cooked broths, nutritious juices and delicious desserts.

Sunoso restaurnat
Sunoso restaurnat

Restaurateur Ryan Zhu, pictured, said: “I love healthy food and have been longing to launch a modern Asian fusion establishment in Brighton. When the premises on the corner of Queen’s Road and Upper Gloucester Road came up, it was too good a chance to miss.

“We will serve really tasty, fresh and healthy food and lovely nutritious juices for people on the go – all at reasonable prices!”

Head Chef Aldrin Maminta has spent the past 20 years honing his craft in the kitchens of Japanese restaurants around Britain. He has helped create sunoso’s menu combining simplicity with fantastic tastes and a good deal of variety.

He said: “The popularity of Asian fusion food is rising all the time and sunoso will be one of the few fully fledged health-conscious Donburi and sushi establishments in Brighton.

“Our distinctive dishes will include fruity Curry Donburi with crunchy chicken, grilled chicken, king prawns or tofu, with lovely fresh green beans, courgette, carrots, pickles, and Teriyaki Donburi with beef, salmon, chicken or mushrooms, with grated Daikon and spring onions on a bed of steaming white rice or brown rice.

“Mouth-watering sushi, healthy Miso soup and tempting creative Japanese desserts, such as our Coconut and Mango Hosomaki, also grace the menu.”

The vision of sunoso – slogan: Slurp, Bite, Smile – is “real goodfood to go” with customers watching their foodbeing freshly cooked in the open kitchen.

For those who cannot wait to tuck in, there will be fresh sushi, salads, noodles, oriental snacks and juices in the refrigerator.

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